Under pressure: An offer you can(‘t) refuse

handshake-2056021_1920 TeroVesalainen
©: Picture: TeroVesalainen@Pixabay

Written by: Jehan Daal

My phone rings. “I’ve got a great job for you!” He is a recruiter at a job agency. Two minutes later, I receive an email. My heart is dancing, “yes this sounds like a challenge that fits me like a glove”.
The company is located in the perfect area, close to the highway but nowhere near the traffic jam! So here I am at the job interview, the Managing Director is sitting across the table, mentioning exact the things that are important to me and that are worth leaving my current job for.

Only one thing is missing: the spark. While he is talking about his products, I feel absolutely nothing.

There is no energy, no shining eyes detected. Not even a shy I’m proud of my company, but saying it out loud feels like bragging-look.

“Do you think you would fit in?”
My brain provides me with a list of why I should say yes, but my gut screams NOOOOOO. For a minute I doubt myself. Then I finish the fancy latte in front of me, thank him for his time and tell him that I’m not the one for the job.
Would it have been a good step for my career, definitely! I’m even more sure that I would become unhappy within months and that is exactly what made this an offer I can refuse!


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