Don’t you give up NaNadal

© Moerschy

© Moerschy

Written by: Jehan Daal

Sure he can’t.
He lost his gift.
Just give up.
Why doesn’t he just give up? It is so obvious that he will never play a final again!
Lately that is what I hear, over and over again.  They are talking about the raging bull a.k.a. (my favorite) the beast of Manacor.

Why isn’t she just trying a diet?
She is lazy.
The whatever look, when me running  like a cheetah is the subject of our conversation. Convinced that this lady believed in something that would never ever happen again. Because this mysterious disease would never be discovered nor being cured.

A few months later

  • Nadal is in the finals battling against Federer (they also laughed at him) at this very moment. Worldwide people are watching this epic match. Did you see his attitude? His confidence? No matter if he wins today. This is a huge win already. And I am very proud.
  • They couldn’t have been more wrong. My energy level gets higher day by day, now I do other things besides working. That is a huuuuge win. I’m regaining my confidence, I smile, because life gets fun again. I dance, I sing, I joke, I write, I read, I’m doing workouts and they get a little less harder every day.

The key?
Have faith, keep believing in yourself even when no one else does. Be prepared to work, adjust and work even harder. Not for the people who say you can’t, but for you! *High 5* So this is my high 5 to all the people who are stickers and believers in themselves. Come on, hit it.


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