Can you feel the love… 32

“Can you feel the love? Can you feel the love?”

My colleague called me the ice queen. I wished for cold weather and perhaps some snow on my bday. Another one said that I had the wrong skin tone. I didn’t care, still I asked for some freezy weather for my 32nd b-day!

It is the 18th of JanuaryMy day off from work, even though I will be celebrating my bday on a different date. That doesn’t mean that I cannot enjoy today right?!  I open my curtains and jump. It is all white, my first bday gift. 😀 I jump again and go to the bathroom where I sing 24K magic and do some Bruno Mars moves in front of the mirror.

I switch my phone on, lot’s of b-day messages and my phone rings. It is cousin R.
The rest of the day is also great. I buy a dress and discover at the pay desk that it is 50% discount on this dress today.

After that I have lunch with my mom at the Buitenplaats plantage. Love love love the food there! Biological food only, special dishes and wonderful flavors.

I do an ultra short run (still being careful because I pulled a muscle a couple of weeks ago) in a Winter Wonderland and I feel it.

I can feel the love everywhere, I’m totally surrounded by it. I inhale the cold winter air and for the first time this thought crosses my mind it is the end of an era. The series of bad years are behind me. 32, this is going to be a great one!

Thank you all for the b-day wishes, cards and gifts! You made my day.


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