Goodbye 2016


© Skeeze

Written by: Jehan Daal

Dear 2016,

I was not sure if I should start with dear, since you have been a brutal bastard to me. Yes, that is right, we are past the point of being polite. You took things from me, key pillars to be exact. You made me desperate, angry and feel lost sometimes.

But you also taught me an important lesson. Never thought that I was going to say this out loud, but damn I am so incredibly strong! Never knew that, did you?

Last year made me realize that I have friends and family who are like stars. I do not always see them, but they are there that is for sure. Oh and I found out that some of my colleagues are very special and I am also thankful for that. And of course enough people who are, erm just not, but they remind me of what I am not and what I will never ever become.

2016, do you remember summer? I am referring to the moment that I was convinced that the line “life is a bitch and then you die”  was the perfect way to describe life. It was right there and then that you gave me a writers crush. I felt like little me again and wrote a lot. Oh and do you remember that I was love stoned for a whole week right after that? *twinkling eyes* That was more than a glimpse of how beautiful life can be. And about 3 months after that, THE article read by my friend L., that was the rope that I needed!

You abducted me, threw me in some shitty and dark hole with limited oxygen, sacrificed my grandpa his life, but provided me with a rope an a broken mirror in the end.

2016. I fell, I climbed, I grew, I cried, I struggled and survived. Learning that whatever happens, I can catch myself and get up again. 2016, we may do things differently (yeah I can say that again). We may do things differently, but I do get your plan. I kinda do. That is why our goodbye starts with dear. You have been a fucking bastard, but you were also an angel from time to time.

I will forgive you, not now… but one day. Take care.




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