To tease or not to tease

electrician-1080554_1920-jarmoluk© Picture:Jarmoluk@Pixabay
Written by: Jehan Daal

The day I moved in my new home, I discovered that I had no light above my table. Last Wednesday it was finally d-day erm light day. After Mr. Light fixer was done, we agreed that a colleague would start renovating my bathroom Monday at 7.30 am. He scheduled it right away.

I was feeling enlightened and texted Mr. Bump about it. (You should know that Mr. Light fixer and Mr. Bump do the same thing for a living.)
My reply: Hi, I’m very busy and still at work. Text you when I’m home.
Three minutes later, my phone rings.
“Hello Mr. Bump speaking.”
“I’ll be working on the renovation of you bathroom on Monday. What time should I arrive?”
He is joking, I’m sure because I saw Mr. light scheduling the appointment. But I decide to play the game.
“Would 7.15 -7.30 am work for you?” Mr. Bump asks me.
“You can choose. If we agree to 7.30 am and you arrive at 7.15 I might be still showering.”
He starts to laugh. OMG,  this is NOT Mr. Bump his laugh.
“Well, if that is the case, feel free to let me wait outside.”
I grin.

What are the odds that there are two men with the name Mr. Bump with the same profession in my area? Frankly I don’t care, because I found them. *LOL*.


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