Love stoned, I think that he knows…

You recognize this? You wake up with a Churandy Martina smile on your face, you love the way the blanket smells, the light in the room is perfect, your shaved legs feel softer than ever and you giggle while you look at the on grass chewing cows. Love stoned, am I right?

This is how I woke up two weeks ago. If I wouldn’t have known better, I would have thought that I was on something. I totally forgot this wonderful feeling.Β The last four years were about drama and now I couldn’t feel happier. I had one whole week off and after years I had a team member again and he is just great. So no more thinking about work.

There wasn’t a plan (whoop whoop I think my training from the Greek finally starts to work), I had only two things scheduled: an appointment at the hair salon on Thursday and dinner on Friday (which we had to cancel). My goal: do what I want and enjoy life. We had tropical temperatures during that week, so it was a real holiday. And the best news: I stayed love stoned all week! πŸ˜€

Specially for you, my week in pictures:

On my dad his bday:

Sporty mode:

Sunny mode:

Chill mode:



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