Soccer sucks

football-1406106_1280. comfreakjpg
© Picture: Comfreak

Written by: Jehan Daal

“I quit soccer,” one of the Sales Managers tells us at the coffee table.
Suddenly everyone is silent and I try my best not to choke in my coffee, because that would be the real tragedy.

I see mourning people walking to the church.
“Tell me, what killed her?”
” Nooooo.” *BIG EYES*
“She disliked soccer to the max!”
“I know.”
“I swear. She heard the word soccer and choked.”

I’m back, sorry.

This Sales Manager loves soccer. He travels a lot for work. Sometimes he visits three countries in a week. Jetlag? Nope and no matter how tired he is, he always goes to soccer practice. His girlfriend including lingerie can wait, but nothing can come between him and soccer. Unnecessary to say that the girlfriend went, but soccer stayed. Until now.

Me and the other female colleagues just stare at him. It is a male colleague who asks why.
I put my cappuccino down, for my own safety.
“Some friends are starting a new business and I’d like to give them advice every now and then. They are more important to me than soccer anyway.”
Apparently there is something bigger than soccer: bro’s.

The men pat him on the back and think it’s cool and great. The women look at them like men are the weirdest creatures ever. (There is a chance they are.) We glance at each other. All having the same thoughts. “Poor ex girlfriend.”

When I leave the office I still try to wrap my head around it. Hello soccer –> bye bye romance, bye bye soccer –> hello bromance! There is only one conclusion: Jehan please never ever date a soccer lover, because soccer sucks. And big time!




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