Happy B-day dad

Written by: Jehan Daal

August the 21th, my dad’s 62th b-day
At least that is what it would have been if he would have been alive. I wake up in a good mood without sadness, even though the weather decides that it is autumn instead of summer. It is raining cats and dogs. In my house there are summer vibes, I dance to the salsa en merengue music. Do a NTC workout, drink a home made spinach apple smoothie and bake healthy pancakes. 

Dad, give me some sunshine. It is your bday and I’m going to visit you at the cemetery, I will feel sad if the rain falls down on me. We need to celebrate life right? I leave and it is still raining, but a couple of minutes later the sun is shining even though there are still some clouds.

When I arrive at the cemetery my mom and second dad are there. I leave two red roses, one from me and one from my sis and her family. My mom and second dad leave a white one. And I decide to celebrate his life. We sit down on a terrace and enjoy the great things of life. And have fast food at my place after. Spontaneous (proud of me yet my Greek friend? 😉 ) and lovely.

When I’m taking a walk later that evening, I feel totally zen and happy. More happy than I have been in a long time. And it is after that thought that I realize that the things I have done today would have probably have been on dad’s happy list as well. I smile and say “happy b-day dad”



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