Story Factory: Becoming a lesbian

© Picture: Stokpic@Pixabay
This story is for my friend L. Thinking of her and our msn conversations, this (fictional) story popped into my head. This could have been us, during our time at the University. 😀 Enjoy!

I’m becoming a lesbian,” She announces while She walks into her best friends house.
Good for you!” Her best friend answers without blinking her eyes. Unstirred BF keeps flipping through the Glossy in front of her.
Do you think this dress will look good on me?” BF asks.
She nods and sits down at the table next to BF.

The fact that I dislike kissing women is probably what some people have with wine, don’t you think? It grosses them out, make them puke but after years of trying they like it.
BF finds that is the weirdest comparison of She ever! But somehow she remains calm and gets She a drink.

You are so right. Cheers to no more drama with men.
Fuck them!
They raise their glasses.
Cheers to no more PENIS for you!“Says BF.
WHAT?!” She’s eyeballs almost pop out of her eye sockets.
You are a fake BF!” She says loud and firmly.
And you my friend, are a fake lesbian.
They laugh.

BF’s phone vibrates. It’s a text from Kyle, She’s first ex.
Telling that lately he thinks of She a lot and he wants her back. He wants to know if She is single and if BF thinks he has a chance.
BF types “single yes, but rumors are that she is becoming a lesbian”.

A couple of seconds later, She’s phone rings. Kyle says the display.
Lesbian speaking,” She answers the phone with a super duper happy voice.




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