Hot news| The unveil of the Greek

Written by: Jehan Daal

Okay, THE Greek, no introduction needed. (If you are a newbie here, check this post or a short description Perfect Stranger.) My plan on doing a happy post with a lot of pics failed, because most people rather stay under the radar. I respect that. There was one person, who said yes… Guess who?! So today on his b-day the unveil of…

2016-07-24 The Unveil of the Greek

Happy B-day my Greek friend. I wish you love, health and lot’s of happy time at home. You know what I mean by that. May all your wishes come true. Cheers to many years of your great sense of humor, your spontaneous character, your (sometimes annoying) stubbornness, wise & supportive words and you being you. 

From your Tropical 😉 Dutch friend who (unlike you) talks (too) much and who is trying to be spontaneous here.  LOL

B.T.W. I know, we still have to plan on meeting again. 

B.T.W. II Shit, I noticed that I said planning and you are right that is so not a spontaneous word. Erm. Lot’s of work left here, I’m afraid. 😉

O and I know that there are some fans of The Greek amongst you. People who still hope that one day he and I… Sorry, but I have to disappoint you. There won’t be half Greek half Antillean babies coming, at least not from me. 😉 (You made me curious though, how that combination would turn out.)

Enjoy this spontaneous, unstructured, strange post from me, because you never know if this one is still online tomorrow!



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