Van Daal Enzo, Life: the uncensored version

DSC00051©Jehan Daal
Written by: Jehan Daal

You stand there
Ready to travel
You can’t wait to say goodbye
She is the one who can’t stop crying
And you hate to see her cry
So you tell her that you love her
You’re going on a holiday, not going to die!

You are little and you’re anxious
You turn to dad and mom
They tell you not to worry
Traveling by plane is the safest one of all
So you sit back and relax
Think of all the fun things you will do
And you look at your baby brother
He is smiling, so are you

You were about to unwind
When there is the announcement of special news
Probably politics, new elections
Someone new we got to choose

The sound of breaking glass
Somebody tell me this isn’t true
Burning lungs, endless ringing phone
No proper goodbye for me and you

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