Under pressure: Can you keep a secret?

polar-bear-196318_1280 image ws
© Picture:Image-ws@Pixabay
Written by: Jehan Daal
It is Saturday: figure skating practice day. Amelia and her friend Olivia go to practice together every week. One week Amelia’s parents drive them to practice and the other week Olivia’s parents. Only 15 minutes before Amelia and her dad take off, Amelia’s mom gets a What’s app message.
“Olivia won’t be joining you today.  In fact she won’t be joining you anymore.”
“What’s going on?” She replies.
“Let’s keep this strictly between us. I dislike the teacher. Olivia will be joining the other team the upcoming season. We have an appointment with the other team today. Next week she will be saying goodbye to her current team members.”
“Roger that!”

“Honey. You do not have to pick up Olivia.”
“Is she sick mommy?” Asks Amelia with puppy eyes.
“No, she erm…” Her mom starts to sweat.
“She will be skating for another team next season. So the two of you will no longer go to practice together. But you can tell no one.”
Her daughter nods and her curly hair bounces up and down. She gives her mother a kiss and walks to the car with dad.

“Mommy mommy mommy! Something really bad happened. You need to sit down and please don’t be mad.”
“Amelia, what did you do?”
“I’m afraid that you will explode.”
“AMELIA what happened?”
“The teacher asked me where Olivia was and I told her that she will be joining another team next season. But I told her firmly that I couldn’t tell anyone, just like you said.”
OMG. Amelia’s mother puts her hands on her eyes and she wishes that the ground could swallow her. This would turn into a complete disaster.

She tried to postpone it as long as she could. A couple of hours later her house was shiny and spotless. Okay time for the confrontation. She typed the message in What’sapp. Her heart was pounding. Olivia’s mother read the text, but no response. Days went by. No response.
Should she drive Amelia to skating practice herself next week? She apologized another time and she typed that Amelia feared that Olivia was still mad at her. Which was the truth.

Finally a response.
“Hi. No problem at all, off course we will take her to practice.”
And a personal message from Olivia herself that Amelia should not fear her. She was not mad at all. They were still friends!


Now tell me, when was the last time you ended up in a sticky situation like this? What happened and how did you solve it? ❤


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