The bump

© Picture:Unsplash@Pixabay
Written by: Jehan Daal

About two weeks ago I bumped into a complete stranger. And it looks like we have something in common. Sometimes these things happen. My momma always told me (o why is it always my momma told me in the songs? Are they the smartest?) that everything happens for a reason. I remember making fun of that. But I think that I stopped making fun of that after I met my Greek friend.

About a week before the bump, my colleague and I had a conversation about our passions and dreams. He is a visual designer and he talked about the great dreams that he has and I talked about mine. In my case it involved writing and never having enough guts to do what I would love to do with it.

Not even a week later, I bump into this stranger. It turns out that this stranger is new to writing and curious. No better time for our paths to cross right? Jehan what is your plan exactly? No planning, I’m just writing and enjoying the view without a destination.

(So don’t think that I’m only writing Tuesday Thoughts. I’m writing almost every day to get my story factory going. I promise that I will post more stories soon.)



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