The hated souvenir I took home anyway

© Picture: PublicDomainPictures@Pixabay
Written by: Jehan Daal

Told you about my business trip to Germany a couple of days ago. The days were intense (work hard) and the nights fun (play hard). A couple of days after my business trip, I discovered that I took a souvenir with me. The creature on the picture may look nice, I can assure you he is not. He is the bastard (sorry but there are no other words for this) that I took back home and is also known as a lung virus. Probably transferred into my lungs through the airco in the room.

The Monday after the trip, I felt that something was off, but I did not know what. I took some precautions and stayed home the next day. Two days later, I could hardly breath. Felt like someone was strangling me non-stop. Pretty terrifying.

After two weeks of 24/7 thinking about breathing, having pain, sleeping, staring at the wall (it is still the same color, perhaps I should have attended to Hogwarts), reading books and lot’s of astma medicine shots *REPEAT*, I’m starting to feel alive again. I stayed a couple of days at my mom and second dad, because the side effects drove me crazy. Luckily the side effect (my heart imitated a technobeat that I could hear in my ear, yup J. Bond style 2016) is gone. My body is doing what he can to get this **** out of my system.

I feel a bit better every day, but it does not go fast enough. At least not according to me. I started training for an obstacle run a couple of weeks ago and just started to see some results. Now I do not have enough air to get me through the day.

Last Monday I went to work again, only for a couple of hours but still. It is nice to see people and to be useful again and answering the 140 emails that I have received. *Shock* Really, why do we email so much guys?

Any how, that is it from me. Hope to be up and running soon. And posting of course!


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