Tuesday Thoughts: Aquarius vs poo

Poo OpenClipartVectors
© Picture: OpenClipartVectors@Pixabay
Written by: Jehan Daal

Warning: Do not read this if you dislike my sense of humor!

Social, confident and fun to be around: those are some great characteristics of the male Aquarius that I know. Their downside? Well, somehow I see a great similarity between defecating and the male Aquarius. Here it comes:

  1. You are just doing your thing, when unexpectedly he pops up. Put everything on hold, because he is now the center of your attention. (Shitty shit, you are in a very important meeting, no way you can leave and yup it is all you can think off.)
  2. Your intestines order you to go to the toilet. You decide to give in and go to the toilet, but the minute you sit down the “I really need to…”  feeling is gone! (He is spamming you with texts all day, when you ask something suddenly he is GONE with a capital G. Probably eaten by a dog, snake or something like that.)
  3. Rock solid one moment, watery the next! (I know, gross, grosser grossest.)
  4. They both can make you feel like shit. *LOL* (No need to say more about this one, do I?)
  5. You never know exactly when, but you know that it will be back. (He can disappear, but he will always return. Uh yeah, when you least expect it. 😉 )
  6. Even though it can be annoying sometimes, you feel relieved after. (He can be such an ass, but you feel pretty relaxed around him at the same time.)

Okay tell me, do you know other similarities that I forgot?

❤ Jehan ❤



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