The mysterious woman in the woods

© Picture: Jehan Daal
Written by: Jehan Daal

Yes, my eyes sparkle when I read thrillers. 
Yes, I like to come up with thriller stories, that make people wonder if I’m twisted.  
Yes, my second dad knows all about safety and security on a high strategic level.
Because of these facts, you might think that I was paranoid, but nope it really did happen.

Two weeks ago, I discovered a path I haven’t seen before. An mysterious uphill path created by large rocks. That day I was too tired of my walk and decided to go home, but not before I promised myself that I would discover it on a Sunday morning.

Today is THE Sunday. While climbing the rocks, I check if my fear of height will be teasing me. I’m fine and decide to go to the top. There is no point in getting only half way up, I would like to see what is there.

My ‘someone is watching you’ radar goes off.

There is a small playground, there is grass and I’m surrounded by trees. Despite the lovely weather there are only 3 people here. I close my eyes and let the sun beams kiss my face, I inhale the wood odor and make a selfie of the view and me. Life tastes good! 🙂

Okay Jehan, time to move on and see where this path will lead you. As I walk on, my someone is watching you radar goes off. I look briefly around, but I do not see anyone. I’m probably just being stupid. Why would someone watch me?

After a crossroads  I hear some footsteps right behind me. I recognize the lady, she was near the playground. Something tells me that this is no coincidence. Luckily this chick is dressed in her running gear. I get my phone out and turn my Nike+ on. I start running and I lose her.

“STOP right now,” she screams at me.

Suddenly this path goes downwards and it becomes slippery. I try not to fall flat on my face. “You need to become more flexible,” I tell myself firmly. Then all of a sudden I see the same woman on a bike. She comes closer and I walk away from her.
“Hello, stop. HELLOOOOOO!” She screams at me.

In the meantime there are more people in the woods. They look at us. She runs towards me. I scan her, I’m not afraid of this woman. Flexible or not, a lot of stamina or not, I can handle this woman!

” I don’t want people to have pictures of me and my family.”
I look at her and frown.
“Excuse me, why should I take a picture of you?”
“You were standing so close to us.”
Close? I was at least 30 meters away from them.
She wants proof. Is she out of her mind?
But then I see a flash of panic in her eyes. She has an accent from a certain part of Europe.
I only show her one picture of the view. She sees that they are not on it.

The fear in her eyes tells me that she is still not quite convinced. But the only thing she can do is believing that I’m telling the truth. She decides to say sorry and she walks back to her bike. At that moment I realize that I don’t know her story. But then again, she doesn’t know mine either.



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