Spring cravings

daisy-712892_1280 condesign© Picture: Condesign@Pixabay
Written by: Jehan Daal

Spring and summer can make you crave for things that you won’t crave for the rest of the year. Is it stupid? I don’t know. Is it wrong and dangerous, not necessarily.

Anyhow… Lately I think of him very much. It starts at the end of the week, the feeling grows stronger in the weekend and it won’t disappear until it is Tuesday. With him I feel adventurous, healthy and sometimes even a bit sexy (when I reminisce of the time that I was addicted to running). I think of all the things we could do together or did in the past.

I want him, but can’t get a hold of him.
It’s freakin’ me out!

Oh, I would love to start my Sunday with him after a too short and sweaty night, try something new after a morning workout and meet him after dinner during the week.
“So what the *bliep* is my problem?”

I know exactly where the find him, but I cannot get a hold of him. And it is freaking me out! On Saturdays I go to the city about 10k away from here. I plan on bumping into him accidentally. But that plan fails every time, because lately he is not there.

Today was my 6th and final try. “Know when to stop,” said the voice inside my head. Time to wrap it up and go home. And at that very moment I glance to the left and guess what…

A man with friendly eyes looks at me and asks: “how can I help you Miss?”
I give him a sweet smile and point it out.
The man smiles back at me and says:” you are very lucky, these are the last two boxes of blue berries!”

I walk out the groceries shop, feeling happy & healthy, thinking of all the recipes we could create together…


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