The Survivor – Walk For The Roses 2016

My Walk For The Roses In Pics

Written by: The Sweet Survivor feat. Jehan Daal

Two years ago, my dear family member got diagnosed with cancer. Two years later: she kicked cancer’s ass (whoop whoop superdupermegaproud) and participates in Walk For The Roses 2016.

I’m very proud!!! <3<3

Her story:
It is not as simple as it seems. Participating the walk in the red Survivor shirt. “What if the cancer is not completely gone?” I wonder a little worried. To wear or not to wear, that is the question. I try to stall time while my daughter writes my name on her shirt, my son and hubby do the same. People who are wearing the white shirt and write the name of the person the are walking for on their shirt. My daughter adds the name of my dad also, who sadly is not a survivor.

Right before I get out of the car, I suddenly know it. I’m gonna wear the red survivor shirt today! Determined to show that I survived and especially to inspire people who are fighting to destroy this fucking disease now.

Brian Square looks almost completely empty. Suddenly I feel some nerves. What if everyone will look at me, because I wear the red shirt? Should I get back to the car and get the whit participant shirt? I have got plenty of time to do so.

Inhale, exhale. “Relax you are not alone today,” I tell myself. Today I’m surrounded by my army aka: my daughter, son, hubby and dear friend I. Even my family in law is here to support me! Lot’s of love. 😀 Besides the 10.000 other people  of course. 😉

Mostly white shirts, that is what I see when I look around me. They probably find it too scary to wear the red shirt, I totally understand. The walk starts early, but hey I live on Curacao. It gets hot before you know it.

It takes my family and I about two hours to complete the walk, ut time flies by as we make selfies, pause and enjoy the view. Life is beautiful! Close to the finish I see a group of 8 people wearing the red shirt. YES, THEY ARE WEARING A RED SHIRT!!! They notice me and they start cheer me on. Goose bumps, emotions. I feel like a survivor, I mean I am a survivor! I smile at them, my hubby looks at me proudly and squeezes my hand.

The finish. We are happy, we are tired. But most of all, we made it… together.




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