The Story Factory

The Story Factory written by Jehan Daal © Picture: Mobinovyc@PIXABAY

Written by: Jehan Daal
© Picture: Mobinovyc@PIXABAY

When I heard Lost Boy from Ruth B. it brought me back to when I was nine years old. Almost as short as I am now. 😉 Full of energy, but also a dreamer who liked to be alone in her world every now and then. I was a child with a creative mind. I made up new games, created non-existing words and inside my head there was a constant production of new stories.
I was the kid with a self made library at home where my classmates stopped by to borrow the stories that I wrote. Sometimes they even argued who had the right to read a certain story first. This girl knew one thing: she wanted to become a writer.

Last month a work related person who knows me for less than two years said to me: “you are an organizer, analyzer, hard worker… One thing that you are not: creative”. And I had to admit that he was right. At least that is who I became.

So when I heard Lost Boy from Ruth B. it brought a tear to my eyes. I got confronted with something I already knew but still. Ouch! Where did she go? The creative girl, the writer. The one who used to have a story factory inside her head. What happened? Life.

But at the same time that is exactly what brought me back to writing. But this time I brought my toolbox with me. “Let’s see if I can get the factory going.”




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