FF#2 Share a smile

For the one you talk to for hours while sipping a cocktail on the beach together. Your party friend. The person who always loves your healthy drinks. (Even if they are not so yummy.) For the dare devil friend, who loves challenges. Never a dull moment with him/her, that is for sure.
For the one who makes you smile, no matter what situation you are in. Your partner in crime when it comes to trying new coffee flavors. “Ciao Bella.” The one you explore the world with.

Friends, family and other loved ones. They are all special in their own way. Today is about one of them. Pick someone and surprise him/her with something nice. Just a sign that you care…

If you dare, you can leave a comment and tell me who you surprised, why and how you surprised him/her. Don’t get caught up in thinking BIG, the small things in life matter just as much. 🙂


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