Mission accomplished anyway

© Teekatas Suwannakrua© Teekatas Suwannakrua

Written by Jehan Daal

I am standing in a store. A little girl stands right beside me. She is picking her nose and I know what she is up to. Luckily her mom notices her daughter’s behavior at the same time as I do.
“Honey, do not put your finger in your nose again! It’s gross.” She tells her daughter firmly. Only the daughter and I can hear her.
“Okay.” She puts her with snot covered finger into her mouth.
Her mother gags. (OMG I find this soooo gross!)
“No nose!” The girl says with a big smile on her face. He mom is too shocked to say anything.

Besides finding this so incredibly gross, I also find this situation kinda funny. This bold girl is right, she did not pick her nose again. 😉 Sometimes you have to find another way to reach your destination. Think outside the box. Tell me: do you have an example yourself?





6 thoughts on “Mission accomplished anyway

  1. No pie. M&M’s! Just discovered the brown packet M&M’s and that’s my thing right now. Did the yellow packet one to death – got sick of them and then discovered the brown packets. So it’s currently M&M’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will therefore be served M&M’s and the aforementioned tea – and you will like it young lady! 😀

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