Bad mother

2014-08-05 Bad mother © Jehan Daal
Written by: Jehan Daal

We have some lovely weather in the Netherlands. Instead of taking her fancy car, my mom decides to go to work by bus and train and cycle the last kilometers.
Finally it is time to go home again. My mom is tired, her head is spinning. The telephone at work kept ringing and a lot of sick people stopped by at the practice today. She gets on the bus. A stranger sits next to her. My mom stares out of the window, she hears two girls gossiping about her.
Girl number one: “Do you see that black woman over there?”
Girl number two nods.
#1: “She keeps staring outside the window. No interest in her son whatsoever!”
#2: “Poor boy! I feel for him.”
#1: “Me too.”

OMG did you see that. She is the worst mom ever!

My mom pretends that is does not hear those girls and ignores them.
Time to get of the bus. She checks out and waves at the bus driver. “Thank you sir!”

#1: *louder* “She is not taking her son with her!”
#2: “She is such a bad mom.”

That’s it for my mom. She is just about to get of the bus, but she turns around.

“You know what ladies. 90% of the passengers in this bus are white, does that mean that you are all family?”
The girls turn red and for the first time they keep quiet.


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