But… why?

 2014-06-02 But why?© http://www.liniekwartier.nl
Written by: Jehan Daal

When a kid reaches the age of three it starts to ask the “but why?” question. It seems like a never ending conversation, that can drive you completely nuts. Not to worry, it is just a phase that they are going through. I’m am pretty sure that someone said that to my parents. They probably found some kind of comfort in it, not knowing yet that this was a different kid. Somehow I never fully quit the ‘but why?’ phase. Or perhaps it is still the phase that I am going through ha ha.

I remember secondary school. Sometimes I got frustrated because things were like that, because they just were. Huh? But why on earth was that the case? Every now and then I asked my friend about history and she shrugged. She hated the subject. “Do not worry about it too much, just learn what you have to in order to pass the test.” There were times that I could not wrap my head around it.

A funny fact is that my boyfriend during university is also a ‘but why’ person. I discovered that later. Somehow it drove me crazy when he applied that on me and my feelings. It made me cranky and almost wanting to scream something I would never say. Only in order to shock him. “But why?” You probably wonder. Well let me tease you and not answer that question. 

A couple of days ago I watched a documentary about Stromae. The kind of documentary that gives answers to my “but why” questions. Whoot, whoot! Unnecessary to tell you that I enjoyed watching it. Turned out that is he is also a member of the “but why” club! Yeah!
He told about all the questions and issues he had in his head. How he likes to observe others and uses their situations as an inspiration to write his lyrics. It was so inspiring and refreshing! 

So here comes my question: are you a ‘but why?’ person just like me or totally the opposite? The opposite? But why? 😉


4 thoughts on “But… why?

  1. Always been a ‘but why’ er. With everything. Life, finance, work, everything. It is why no bank or business has (so far) been able to pull the wool over my eyes with garbled sales rubbish. Because at the end of it they get ‘but why?’ And if they can’t answer that …buh bye!
    It’s a shame but non but why-ers are sitting ducks in life. (Don’t know if you know the term ‘sitting ducks.’)

    • * Bell rings. The Editors Journal is standing at my door. I open the door.*
      “Hi! How are you doing? Would you like some herbal tea? I baked some chocolate muffins. You should try one, they are delicious!”

      Great to hear that you are also part of the ‘But why’ club. Welcome, welcome! O my, does that mean that we have to meet the club member on regular basis, have tea and something sweet? If that is the case, I need to invite Ms Candies and Crunches to keep me/us in shape. *LOL*

      • He he!I am going through a serious sugar fix at the moment. It won’t last, they never do. But I’m scoffing half a gateau a day at the moment. Luckily I’m naturally slim or they would certainly have to be invited tot he meetings – Ms Crunchie anyway.

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