Saved by the gut part II

2014-05-14 Saved by the gut part II © Jehan Daal
Written by: Jehan Daal

For privacy reasons I changed some details in the following story. Even though this happened years and years ago, this will be something I will never forget. I still shiver when I think of what could have happened if I ignored my gut feeling. 

It is a hot day. I am lying in a chair with a book in one hand and a cold drink in the other one. Enjoying my time before I have to work at the super market. The bel is ringing. I am a bit annoyed, but get up anyway. It is my little brothers friend. Haven’t seen her before, but I remember they talked about on regular basis. I tell her that they are at the pool with some other friends that she can join them if she wants. She asks for my mother, but I am the only one at home.

“Can I make a phone call?”
I find it strange that she would like to make a phone call at my house while she lives nearby.
“A family member is chasing me and I need my father to pick me up.”
I get it. She probably did something she should not do and now she is here because she does not want to spend an hour in her room.
Someone walks to our front door.
“Do you think she saw me?” She falls flat on the ground. I see panic in her eyes.
The bell rings.
“Please do not tell her that I am here.”

This girl asks me, the person who has problems with lying. Besides the fact that I hate it to lie, it feels like my whole body protests when I do. Lying requires an extreme serious situation, a matter of life and death. But that look in her eye, was not a regular ‘I was a bad kid want I do not want punishment’ look.

I open the door. A woman stares at me. She gives me the creeps.
“Hi, I am Michelle her mom. She likes to play with your brothers. I was wondering if she is playing with them right now.”
It is like her blue eyes are lasers. I have a strange feeling that this is a dangerous woman. I decide to protect this girl.
“My brothers are not at home. They went swimming with some friends.”
She tries to step into the hall. But I stay put and will not let her enter the house.
“My girl is tall, skinny and has blond hair. She is wearing a yellow dress with flowers on it. If you see her call me.” She gives me her phone number and leaves.

I walk back in and let the girl make the phone call. “Dad she was here!”
Within 15 minutes I see a man running to the front door. Michelle runs to the front door.
“We have to hurry,” her father tells her.
They hurry to the car and drive away.

A couple of days later, they deliver me flowers. And I discover how serious the situation really was.
“Thank you for saving my daughters life.”
Turned out that this woman was crazy and got locked up. Sometimes I ask myself what would have happened if told that lady that Michelle was in the house.

Tell me: when did your gut feeling save someone else?


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