My relax zone

Written by: Jehan Daal

I can live a busy live, I love to have a busy job, but this girl would never dream of living in a big city. When I return from work, going out, a holiday etc., I return to my home in a village. I need a “relax zone” in order to keep me balanced.  Perhaps it is because I am born and raised in a village that I call Gossip City. A place where I was surrounded by nature.

I am the one who sets the alarm on a Sunday morning. Some people call me crazy, most of them just take an extra nap. 😉 I go to the dunes, the lake, or the forest and take my chien royal avec une attitude with me. He is always up for that. We run, we walk, play with a twig and listen to the voices of nature. When we get home I feel relaxed, totally ready to start the next week.

In my previous job we often left the office during lunch time. The office was near a forest. One of my colleagues studied for Forester and he loved to tell us about the trees and the animals who live there. Before lunch time, my head was filled with thoughts of everything that I wanted and needed to do. After our walk I felt completely re-energized!

Another great thing is a run, early in the morning or after a busy day at the office. Or simply a walk on the beach. Anyway today just a simple story, that goes with the pics that I would like to share with you. Sorry no pic of the beach this time.

Tell me, do you also have a relax zone? What’s yours?


2 thoughts on “My relax zone

  1. I love this. I frequent the state park around Maryland, it is a constant source balance for me as I would go insane otherwise. I’m glad to hear of someone else sharing my passion for nature! I love your blog!

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