Dirty job, dirty crew

2014-03-20 Dirty job, dirty crew

* There are only 30 days left till the event. I planned on posting this last week, but as you know things went differently. Soon an update, so stay tuned!

Written by: Jehan Daal

Finally! Last week I finally met my team members for the Muddy Mates.
It is me on the left, next to me my cousin Renate (I knew her already 😉 ), Glen-Jules next to her and last but not least… Joanna!!! Our team captain and the one who asked me to join her team. She is on the right and also the one with the muddy face.



4 thoughts on “Dirty job, dirty crew

  1. Yeah, bummer. 😦 I hope you are right.Will continue my job hunt tomorrow. Could use some positive energy, feeling also a bit sick at the moment so… Will be checking your blog later, to see if you got some “lighten up!” material.

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