Bouncing babies

Van Daal Enzo, Life: the uncensored version

Written by: Jehan Daal   On request: my Dutch post from 2011 translated to English

January 2011 I decided that it was time for the s-word. Me running up two winding staircases and walking elegant to my desk chair after, that was part of my past. Should I start to do some fitness? No way. One day someone forgot to turn off the treadmill and I stepped on it and fell. My knees were bleeding, but the worst part was that my image was ruined. Unnecessary to tell you that I never stepped into that gym again.

Okay, I had to pick another sport. Perhaps golf? I am sorry, but that would not give me much pleasure. Hockey? No, I could end up looking like a toothless witch. Tennis? I love love tennis, but since I have zero stamina that would be a disaster. Soccer? Hell no. I HATE SOCCER!!!…

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