Out of time

2014-03-14 Out of time © ridiculouslyextraordinary.com
Written by: Jehan Daal

I planned on posting the next episode of the “dirty job” series, my road to the Muddy Mates today. I will postpone that one, because I am not up for it. Yesterday evening I received some really bad news, a friend of our family died of cancer. I knew him since I was little. We had some great times together, but also shared the tough moments in life. He was one of the friends who stood by us when my father was ill and when my father died.

I remember talking to him after my dads funeral. He said that I organized my dad his funeral really well. We joked about me starting a new career as a funeral organizer and him investing in my business. A solid business, because humans never stop dying. Not knowing that we were accompanied by the horrible disease called cancer. The one that already invaded his body at that moment.

We both never imagined that I would be attending his funeral the next year. Time is a strange thing. You got the time on the clock, who never stops and always announces a new day. And we got our own time: sometimes it moves fast, sometimes slow etc. And suddenly when you expect it the least, you are running out of time.

“If you don’t get any more time, then take all the time you’ve got!”

– Jehan Daal

Moments like this make me realize over and over again how fragile life is. It is my cold, harsh warning: never become a workaholic again. He is the classic example of how useless it is to have money if it cannot buy you health and more time.

While the world around me keeps moving at a fast pace, my world stands still again.


4 thoughts on “Out of time

  1. My heartfelt condolence.

    You wrote beautiful words in honor of the family’s friend.

    Thanks for the poignant reminder about how precious time is; we all should not forget.

    • Thanks Joanna. *hug*
      Saying goodbye is always a tough thing to do. It sucks big time.

      We will be honoring life, by having fun during the Muddy Mates!

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