Dirty job

2014-03-05 Dirty challenge© Timou @ http://www.sxc.hu

Written by: Jehan Daal

Unexpectedly I receive an invitation from another blogger. “Are you up for a dirty challenge? I would like you to be my teammate.” My mouth is dry and my hart is pounding. What? A dirty challenge and she thinks of me. What does that tell me? Tell me honestly, what does that tell you? 😉 Ha ha.

It sounds cool, but is this really something I can pull off? I need to sleep on it. The evil voice is trying to wake up my worst enemy: Miss Sure You Can’t. She would make me sleep on it more than one night, doubt myself and say “no” eventually. But she is not the only one who is around. Miss Yes You CAN is also around. She kindly reminds me of the Jehan who is up for something and wants to do some new, positive and exciting this year.

I am not planning on taking the trophy home, my goal is TO GET REALLY DIRTY!

Even though I know the answer, I grab a dictionary and look for the definition of failing. One of the definitions is: “not reaching your goals”. I smile. I am not planning on taking a trophy home. So there is no way that I will be failing, because my only goal is: “participating and enjoying this adventure”. Oh I almost forget the most import thing, which is GETTING REALLY DIRTY!

I send Joanna a message to let her know that I am up for the challenge. Her male friend and Running Junkie is also part of the team. And I could invite someone myself. I pick the gym beast cousin R., she is the fourth member of this team. What it is that we will be doing? Jump over fences, cross a trail of tires, crawl through the mud and through tunnels. This is also known as Muddy Mates .

As you understand I have some work to do over the next couple of weeks. Workouts and runs. I can start running next Monday and I am looking forward to it. As requested by Miss Lou, another blogger, I will keep you posted on my dirty challenge. And if you behave, I might give in to her biggest request which is posting some dirty pics.

To be continued…


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