Under pressure: Nothing but the truth (Part II)

2014-02-28 Under pressure Nothing but the truth part II© www.fanpop.com
Written by: Jehan Daal   

Eight months later
One of my former colleagues has a new job. It is the one who is convinced that the Spaniard and I would be a great match and decided to discuss it with some other colleagues. I receive an invitation for his goodbye “party”. Even though I am not longer working at the company, he would like me to meet them at the bowling center and have dinner after that. Of course!

I walk in and see all my former colleagues. It is great to see them again. Mr. New Job created teams already, so we are good to go. I’m in the team with the two other ladies, one of my favorite male colleagues and of course the Spaniard. He calls our team the dorky team since he thinks that ladies are bad at bowling and the other colleague is injured at the moment. His opinion, but I respect that. 😛 But why do we have the Spaniard in our team? He is pretty good at bowling.

After bowling we are having dinner. I decide not to sit with my team mates, so I can talk to some other (former) colleagues of mine. There are two spots left. The Spaniard takes the seat on the opposite side of the table and Mr. New Job takes the seat next to him. Great!

“So you and Jehan are in love?”
I had no idea that the tanned Spaniard could turn red so quickly.

We are having funny conversations. At that moment the Spaniard decides to tell a joke. They laugh. I already know the joke.
“Where did you get that?” Asks Mr. New Job.
“From F. He told me this joke last night.” (In this case F. refers to the not so ordinary name of my sfather.)
I cannot believe his says that with Mr. New Job breathing down his neck.
A big smile appears on Mr. New Job his face.
“From F. last night?”
I can see it coming.
“Yup.” Responds the Spaniard.
It looks like he has no clue of what happens next.
“So you and Jehan are in love?” He looks at the Spaniard and the other colleagues follow his example.

I had no idea that the tanned Spaniard could turn red so quickly. He says nothing and is suddenly very hungry. Mr. New Job turns his face to me.
“Thanks Spaniard.” I tell him.
Now I have to solve the problem. Instantly I decide to exaggerate this situation, I am sure that it will blow over.
“Not only in love, but also engaged!” I show him my ring. The one that I got on my 21th b-day from my parents.

“Do men still give rings when they propose? Thought it was only wedding rings now.” Asks the person on my left.
“Well, my friend recently got married and with her it is the other way around. She wears the ring she got when he proposed to her. They decided not to have wedding rings.” I answer him.
“Ow, I totally forgot. You were her wedding planner. How was the wedding?” Asks Mr. New Job.

A change of subject. Mission accomplished. That is how this communication lady saved the Spaniard. 😉


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