Tears and some laughter

2014-02-26 Tears and some laughter Caracasbaai @ Curacao
Written by: Jehan Daal

The 26th of February
One year ago this date was one of the darkest days I have ever known. There was no world, there was only me and my family. At the same time I also felt like I was bathing in love. I know, such a contradiction. Yet possible. Touched by the unexpected appearance of some family members late at night. Touched by the sweet messages from friends and my Greek friend who lives far away but felt so near at that moment.

And today, exactly one year later, there is more than that horrible feeling in my stomach and the pain in my heart. I did something positive today and hopefully that will result in a next step into my future. No goodbye, but time to say: “hello”. Hello to a new positive experience. Me likey! I hope it works out, because I am looking forward to it.

This is a date that I will remember forever, but hopefully no longer only for the tears of pain. Nope, if it works out, this date will also mark a new beginning with tears of joy and some laughter.


2 thoughts on “Tears and some laughter

  1. Great spirit! Proud of you!
    I wish that your new exciting adventure will work out wonderfully. I’m sure you’ll do great! X

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