Under pressure: Nothing but the truth (Part I)

2014-02-21 Under pressure nothing but the truth© http://www.foolishwisdom.com
Written by: Jehan Daal

One year ago:
One of my colleagues grabs my shoulder.
“I need to tell you something.” She is whispering.
She walks to the kitchen to refill the coffee and tea and we both decide that she could use my help carrying some kitchen supplies.
“Okay tell me!” I whisper excited.
“It is about you and the Spaniard. When the two of you are not around they are talking about the two of you. That you would be a perfect couple.”
I cannot believe my ears.
We hear the footsteps of a colleague and change the subject. The men at the office are very nosy.
“What are you ladies doing?”
“What does it looks like?” I ask him with a smile.
He leaves the kitchen and goes to the workshop.
We continue our conversation.
“But I talk as much with the two M.’s as I talk with the Spaniard.”
“But only the two of you are single.” She responds with a smile.
“He is fifteen years older than I am. Not the most logical choice don’t you think?”
“I believe you, but they are not. Thought I should tell you that they are watching you and the Spaniard very closely.”

Just what I need, my male colleagues who are watching my back. On the other hand, the Spaniard and I do not communicate more than I communicate with my other male colleagues. So let them watch us, so they can find out. I relax, but only for a couple of minutes. Exactly on this day, the Spaniard has more marketing related questions. OMG, why today? Every time he stands next to my desk, I feel that they are watching us.
Should I send him an email? An App perhaps? I decide to do so and ask him if he can meet me at the Marketing loft in fifteen minutes. His phone rings and I’m available. Then he is available and I am on the phone. And so on.

When I leave the office there are only three colleagues still working. I walk as slow as I can.
“Okay, tell me.”
I immediately think of soap series like As The World Turns or the Dutch GTST. In soaps there is always a scene in which someone wants to tell the other one something (important), and says “you go first”. A line someone should never say, because the other one always says something that has to do with the subject you were going to talk about. Were yes, because after what the other one said they are not brave enough to say what they were about to say. Or they misinterpret the other one and things go bad after that.

There I am, fully aware of what can go wrong. Still I will execute my plan: nothing but the truth. My heartbeat is raising.
“There are rumors at work. About you and me. There are some colleagues who think that you and I would be a great match.”
“Jé, so you think that we would be a great match?”
Is this a trick question? Saying no, would be like rejecting him. And saying yes…
“It is not ME who is saying that.”
*Background music: horror.*
“I am not hitting on you believe me.”
“I am not saying that. I meant that perhaps we should talk less at work. I do not like rumors and I am not looking for problems. That is all.”
Are we getting a fight over someone else his opinion? It seems like I cannot get my point across. I get in the car, feeling not very happy. He knocks on my window and I open it.

“Well. Believe me Jé. My life is not structured at this moment and I would be a lousy partner to you at this moment.”
I can say lot’s of things. “Did I ask you something?” “I did not even ask, but okay.” I say nothing. I leave it here. I go home. I look in my rearview and see his car. When he takes the exit, he waves enthusiastic at me and I wave back.


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