2014-02-12 #Failure

Written by: Jehan Daal

When people talk about ice skater Sven Kramer, most likely they talk about the error he made during the Olympics in 2010. Who cares that he won so many races that the most of us do not even know how many times he won exactly? On the 10th of February the Netherlands won three medals again. But all you hear is the problems with the timekeeping. Jan Smeekens thought he won the Olympic gold medal, was incredibly happy and then heard that he became second. Instead of being crazy happy, because we got three medals, we are nagging again. “Tell me Jan, how do you feel?” If I hear that question one more time, I am going to scream. And that is what I dislike about us Dutch people. No matter how many goals you crush, people will always talk about the one that you did not crush. Or even worse, they are talking about all the goals you crushed and hoping that you fail the next time.

As you probably know, the Americans are a little bit different. A great example. Last week I read a post from an American blogger that I follow. He told about his dreams and goals for this year. Some of them are really ambitious, but that does not matter. Still there is a chance that he can reach all of them, at least he can try to do so. His (American) readers were cheering him on. They are looking forward to his awesome journey, hope that he with crush his goals and they (including me) admire his guts and perseverance.

I told him that I would not dream of putting my dreams and ambitious on Van Daal Enzo. He told me that he failed many, many times before. I understand that, because every human fails every now and then. But I cannot stand all the people who are watching me closely to see if I reach my goal or not. The thought of failing and hearing that for the rest of my life. It gives me the creeps. No thank you. But at the same time I realize that people can inspire, be a human fuel and help you to reach your goals.

People who don’t do anything, fail at something even bigger.

Last December I decided that I wanted to strengthen my body to try to prevent injuries. My goal was to do at least 3 workouts per week in January and February. Since I dislike the workouts, I did not tell people. What if I failed? I can tell you now that I crushed my goal and did over 20 workouts in January! And I did not do it alone. There was a challenge I participated in and all the girls were cheering each other on. So that proves that we Dutch people are perfectly capable of doing that. So why don’t we do that more often?

So maybe I should write a post about my dreams. I might fail, but at least I tried to follow my dream and make it a reality. Maybe I even get motivated by others in order to achieve them. Hmm, let me sleep on it. Suddenly I realize that the only people who will never fail, are the people who don’t do anything. No that is not correct, they also fail. They fail at something even bigger: on living.


2 thoughts on “#Failure

  1. Love this post! I can’t help comment right away before I forget thoughts, impressions triggered from reading it. 🙂

    In your previous post, I have not commented on (yet), the subject was about genuineness. This is what brings me back again and again to your blog. You are very genuine in expressing your stories, and thoughts about life.

    My humble opinion is that you are courageous. You (also meaning people in general) may not be sharing (yet) your goals and dreams before or while you are working on them but it does not define who you are, who you will turn out to be once you’ve reached your goals, or if you “fail” to reach them the first try. Nor does it define, who you are when you discover in the process of working on those goals/dreams that they were not yours in the first place.

    For me setting goals, having dreams is about self-discovery that no one but only you are privileged to relish. The others, who you will eventually allow the luxury of following your journey, well they can be part of cheering you on, they can never have the power to take anything from you by mere “spectating” “scrutinizing or “criticizing”.

    The fact that you are sharing your thoughts, your words about how you live, how you see life – your philosophy on life is admirable. You are participating actively in life and documenting it for yourself, and others can follow, read, eventually take inspiration from you.

    Sharing about goals and dreams to others makes one more accountable (to one self!), and it’s fun & actually always a learning process because it is refreshing every time to discover and meet people, who gives you that empowering feeling, that you are not alone in the adventure and in the struggle.

    {Sorry, I got carried away because this is a subject I am passionate about – goals & dreams! My comment (this happens to me when I let myself go! hahaha) it seems is longer than the your blog! Ah it brings back memories of the beginnings of old blogging years. :D}

    • Joanna, I do not know what to say. Such a huge huge huge compliment. *blush* I certainly hope that I can inspire others or at least encourage people to form their own opinion. Thanks for your comment and your insight on the topic.

      Beautiful said: The others, who you will eventually allow the luxury of following your journey, well they can be part of cheering you on, they can never have the power to take anything from you by mere “spectating” “scrutinizing or “criticizing”.

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