Under pressure: Talk to the hand

www.goodenoughmother.com ©www.goodenoughmother.com
Written by: Jehan Daal

Every culture has its desirable behavior rules, some of them are international rules. To be honest I have no clue what that is called in English and therefore I translated it literally from Dutch. Anyway. The one I am talking about today, makes me rebellious.

Years ago, I went to university by bus. Some acquaintances got on the bus, they did not see me, I pat them on the shoulder and said hi. They looked surprised to see me and said hi. That is possible, right? I agree, but not every morning. Come on, who are you kidding? So I stopped. I was just being kind, just showing some respect. Not up for sitting next to them and having endless conversations. But okay, if they do not want to see me that is fine. When I met them in a cafe, they sometimes looked me in the eye and then turned their head. Fine by me again.  

Occasionally I meet those people at b-days or other parties. Right before we walk into the party, a family member asks me: “what are you going to say if you see ‘one of those’ people?” 
“I say hi and congratulate them, because that is a respectful thing to do.” I enter and I feel confident. The place is crowded.
“Hi how are you? Long time no see!” Yells ‘one of them’ enthusiastic, with such a sweet voice that I am gagging. Is she fucking kidding me? I am annoyed, but I decide to answer her question politely. That is all she is going to get from me. 
“Hi. I am fine. How are you?”
“I am doing fine…”
I smile and tell her that I am going over there to say hi to the others.

Fake Fendi, you can call me arrogant. At least with me, what you see is what you get.

She is shocked. She stares at me and some others stare at me too. But I do not care and walk up to the others. Some people call me arrogant. Maybe I am. At least with me, what you see is what you get. I live by the rules of desirable behavior, but I stay true to myself. I do not play games and refuse to let the pressure of desirable behavior control me.

Well, we all have the choice. If you want to be a fake Fendi bag, that is fine. Just do not forget that at a certain point, people will take a look inside the bag. That is when they discover that you are not a real Fendi, but an imitation with some great hidden agendas inside.

Fake Fendi, you can:

  • Dislike me for who I am. 
  • Envy me for following my own path.
  • Hate me for not taking part of your game.

I do not care. In fact, those are the greatest compliments you can give me. It shows that I have achieved at least one of my greatest goals: being me, showing my true colors and not becoming a chameleon like you.


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