Let it go

Near the beach @Greece
Written by: Jehan Daal

If you need perseverance and structure, call me. Letting go? Go search for someone else, because I suck at it big time. Ha ha ha. Summer 2012. After nights of pondering I decided that I could go on a vacation. It meant closing the marketing department. For only one week, that should be possible right? My (former) sister in law wanted to join me. Okay, time to pick a destination.
“Why don’t you come to Athens? It is lovely here and we could meet.” Proposed my Nike+ friend (I will call him the Greek from now on). We decided to go to Athens and planned a day to meet my Greek friend.

Right before we bought the tickets, something happened at my (former) sis in law her work, she could no longer go on holiday that week. Bye bye Athens. I was disappointed.
“Go by yourself. I will take as much time off as I can and show you Athens.” I had to sleep on it, more than one night to be honest.  What if we did not like each other in real life? The Greek laughed at me.
“Please girl, let go of the structure!”

I decided to go anyway and listened to his advice. My plan was not to make any plans. (Besides picking a spot and time to meet my Greek friend of course.) Not to think of work. Let it go Jehan. Just relax and enjoy.

“Please girl, let go of the structure! Life is too short”

It was hot, 40 degrees celsius hot. When he was working I enjoyed the city by myself. And when it got too hot to handle, I went back to the hotel room to read or to the pool on the roof. Men, this felt good! The Greek and I sipped the tastiest Frappé ever, had great conversations and went to places that I would love to see. He took me out to dinner, I had no idea where we were heading, but I did not care. I enjoyed the view, inhaled the fragrance called Greece and cherished the wonderful moments.

The day of my departure, he drove me to the airport. I felt a bit sad. “Back to my old life.”
“No you are not! Life is too short.” He said firmly and I got a lecture from him.
It felt like saying goodbye to something familiar and starting something new. I felt strange: I felt happy but at the same time I felt like I could cry.
He asked me about my wishes, my dreams. I told him about a haircut that I would love to have for years, but might not be right for me. He gave me a certain look.

When I got back, I immediately called the hair salon. I cut my hair and I looked more like I felt inside. I decided that I should think about my dreams. Life is too short, to be only a workaholic. Ambition is more than just work right? I started an exciting journey that is mostly about letting go, my weak spot. Letting go of my own rules every now and then, it gets a little bit easier day by day. It is a great journey, that started in Athens. The perseverance and structure are still inside of me. That is me after all. And you know what, some things are not meant to let go. And you my dear Greek friend, you are one of them!

Coupe during holiday in Athens  Haircut after Athens
    A curly ponytail @ Athens           Haircut after Athens


4 thoughts on “Let it go

  1. What a beautiful story. The words and the imagery symbolizing your message. 🙂 My favorite: “…I looked more like I felt inside.”

    Last night, I wrote words to remind myself about the life lesson, which (also) revisit me again and again. And again!

    Letting go.

    I’m at the acceptance stage, that for me to move forward in life, shine that what is within me outwards, then this is a lesson I have to embrace!

    (Alvast fijn weekend! ❤ )

    • Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read it. Must say that I am glad you liked it! 🙂 Such a hard task: LETTING GO! I think you are more of an active goal hitter, just like me. (I just created the words myself ha ha and will explain it to you.) If you set a goal, you go and smash it. Like you crushed the #commit2fit challenge. Letting go in order to achieve your goals, well… it comes with practice. *hopeful look*
      B.t.w. This pic is made by my Greek friend. He dropped me off at the beach. He picked me up after work and as we drove off I yelled: “stop the car I need a pic of this view.” He looked at me. We drove on a curvy road and there was no spot to park the car to be honest. I totally got his point. I told him that it was fine. He parked the car anyway. While looking at this picture, a lot of great memories are going through my mind. Too bad that letting go is one of them 😉

      Fijn weekend! Geniet ervan, want voordat je het weet is het weer maandag.

  2. Lately, I am reading a lot of the same thoughts I am having written by people I admire, respect and look for inspiration to *structure* myself. 🙂

    I think you would agree, that most bloggers, who put themselves out there, they are mostly personalities, who appreciates support but for the most part like to sort their thoughts through writing and arrive at works best for them.

    Totally with you in the hope that like with doing fitness, and training for a race, with consistent practice we will be good, if not at least sharply improve our skills at LETTING Goooooooooooooooo. 😀

    I love your style of blogging! Your storytelling is inspiring. 🙂 (And before I forget again, crazy over the new lay-out!)

    The background story of the picture is a story in itself; I am looking forward to the next chapter with your Greek friend.

    hahahah I know!!! Maandagen komen veel te snel.

    • Thanks. I thought a new year, a new lay-out. I am very happy with this one. So great to hear that you like my writing style. To me that is a huge compliment. Many thanks 😀 And also for commenting, I really like that.

      I know we will get better in letting go. Watch us. Muhahahahaha.

      I have to work on my next column. Wanted to post it yesterday, but I was busy doing other things. Tomorrows quote is already scheduled, think I will reschedule that one for Monday or Tuesday. Because I would like to launch this one first.

      Ja he?! Opeens is het weer maandag en voordat je het beseft, alweer… 😉 Hoe gaat het met jouw GL2R challenge van deze maand? Wat de Griek betreft, to be continued 😛

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