Music is…

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…more than just a sound and some lyrics. It is a gigantic archive with billions of links to personal memories.

– Jehan Daal


4 thoughts on “Music is…

  1. AWESOME quote! lol…. You’re a genius…

    That’s why I love so much of the music I do – because it instantaneously takes me back to those moments in my life where I have such fond memories – or otherwise and I shut the song off.. lol

    Thanks for sharing..


    • Ha ha! Picture this. First shot: You are dancing around the house, being happy. Second shot:The next song starts and o boy, you hate that song. *annoyed face* Third shot: You run towards the music installation. Sliding on your socks. *Skip song*.

      I know, me and my fantasy. What is your favorite music? Or favorite song perhaps?

      • LOVE your visual.. lol

        Honestly, I love many different types of music. From Craig David to Elton John, the Band Live, Mozart, and Charlie Pride… lol (Really WIDE range)

        Right now, the song Not In His Garden by Hayley smiles in my favorite song 🙂

  2. *searching for the song on youtube* Easy going music. Have not heard of Hayley Sales before. Thanks for sharing. Indeed a wide range. Think that is great. Listened to Born to do it from Craig David today, reminded me of the good old days and my first boyfriend. I see him sitting on our loft, singing 7 days and the song Rendez Vous reminds me of our trip to France. As I said loooooooooot’s of memories 😉

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