Push it baby

2014-01-28 Push it baby© Nike+ Training Club App
Written by: Jehan Daal

Workouts, I will not lie about it. Besides the Get Focused 15 minutes workout to target specific areas, I dislike most of them. Sadly I need them to lose the title Queen of Injured Runners. In order to lose that title, I need to strengthen my body. Which means that I need to do workouts on regular basis, meh, so that became my new years resolution. The good news? Nike launched the renewed N+TC app (Nike+ Training Club) and GirlsLove2Run started a challenge, 15 workouts in January. Changing January into the #Commit2fit month. Okay I’m in!

Let me tell you the bad news, right now. You know what is frustrating? Being a twenty something girl and no longer able to do things you could easily do when you where a kid. Modified push ups, triceps push ups, regular push ups. They are pushing me over the edge! Some toned Nike athlete with great abs, explains the workout to you. You need to keep going till you hear the whistle for the next exercise. Near the end of the workout, my arms cannot take it any longer. The athlete tells me that it is time to dig deep. My arms are bold and tell her: “you know what, do it yourself, we are no longer participating”.

Unbelievable that I loved them back in the days. I remember classmate L., who was very sporty, bragging that he could do a lot of them. Followed by someone else bragging (was that you cousin D.?) who said that I could do easily as much as he did. I had to prove it of course. (Thanks for that btw. :-P) And now I’m fighting with my arms, who no longer love this. Who are screaming at me that the only push up I can get, is a push up bra. I try not to laugh and give them a rigid look.

A couple of workouts later, it is time for the Fire Drill workout. I am almost done. “Modified push ups,” says the Nike+ athlete. I do as told. I am doing the modified push ups, when I hear a wonderful sound. It is the whistle. I made it!


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