Under pressure: You feel stuck when…

2014-01-24 Under pressure: You feel stuck when© Walterio
Written by: Jehan Daal

… answering the question truthfully, implies something you are not really saying.

I am having drinks with a friend. Suddenly he asks me: “what kind of men do you like?”
Somehow I am totally not prepared for this question, perhaps because this is something I discuss with my female friends. Or is it because the people at the table next to us are eavesdropping since they got here? They are no pro’s, I can tell. They are laughing when we are and therefore I am sure that they are listening to every word we say.

My mind is blank, my brain refuses to help me out.
“Well. If you put your ex’s and the guys you liked in one row. Are there things they have in common?”
That question makes it easy for me.
“About their looks or about their character?” I ask.
“Well they all have brown eyes. Smart. Serious, you can have great conversations with them and they also have a great sense of humor…” Before I say the next more personal thing, I realize something. The more I will say, the more it will look like I describe him. But I am not, seriously I am not! Such an awkward coincidence. I feel stuck, because answering this question truthfully, implies something I am not really saying. I feel like someone set the heating on full power.

“Do you want to have kids?”
BAM. Like he hits me in the face with a frying pan. Am I dreaming? What happened? We were having pleasant conversations before those last two questions. Now I am being interviewed in public.

The woman at the table next to us, bends towards our table. She wants to hear my answer. I feel totally uncomfortable and the me who has always something witty to say, has left the building about ten minutes ago. And I want to leave too. I am done. No longer enjoying this evening. He feels that I am uncomfortable and leaves it there.

What do you think, is it a sticky situation or not?


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