Tinder lovin’

2014-01-21 Tinder lovin'
Written by: Jehan Daal

Tinder, the dating app, launched last year. For the ones who have never heard of Tinder before. In a nutshell: you log in with your Facebook account and you can like (drag to the right) or dislike (drag to the left)  the males/females (depends on if you are attracted to males or females) within 80 km from your location. If the other one likes you too, you have a match and you can chat and if you want, meet each other in real live some time.

Anyway. Even though I have read that using Tinder also resulted in serious dates, relationships and even marriage, it is not my cup of tea. My prejudice: that you will find a lot of socially impaired people on it, who are too shy to say hi in real live. You can have a great time on Tinder and decide to meet him in real live. You go for a dinner and all you hear is your own voice, because he is too afraid to say anything.
Or just men who are looking for a couple of quickies. Pretending to be a great single guy, but in real live collecting as much women as he can, so he can have sex whenever he wants. That does also apply on women of course!

Every now and then a man asks me to look at the pictures that he receives on Tinder. And I watch, because I need to base my opinion on something other then my prejudice. So I look at the pics. My o my. Mostly girls posed in a way that erm, does not tell you that they are smart.

Someone is showing me some Tinder pics again.
“You should try it some time.”
I accidentally give him the ‘have you lost your mind?’ look.
“There are also normal people on it, like me, here check the serious conversations.”
He shows me two conversations with girls who have a normal profile picture.
Am I being too judgmental I wonder.

For privacy reasons I changed the names and the situation a little bit.
Brenda and Marc have a match on Tinder. They start chatting on a Monday.
Brenda: “Had such a great weekend. It was my bff’s b-day party. Really fun, danced d night away. U?
Marc: “I was fucking horny all weekend, do not know y.”
Brenda waited with her next message for a couple of minutes and then types.
Brenda: “It was a terrible day today. Very busy at the office and then we got problems with the internet and could not use the server. Thank God I can go home now. How was your day?”
Marc: “Nothing special. Do not know y, but I’m still horny today. Having plans for tonight?”
Brenda: “You know what you should try? Sucking your own dick, that should solve your problem! Goodbye.”
Marc: “I know enough girls who love to do that.”
Brenda: “Yeah right, that is why you were horny all weekend.
And she ends all contact.

Then I know for sure. Tinder: really not my cup of tea!

Is there someone here with a great Tinder experience?


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