Under pressure: Your butt is huge!

2014-01-07 Under pressure: Your butt is huge!

Written by: Jehan Daal

Person A. has a new car and is so excited. She comes over to show it to her friend B.  Since I’m at B. her house, I walk with them to the car. It is a beauty.
B. walks around the car and stops at the back of the car. She is so happy for her friend and yells enthusiastic: “your butt is huge!”
A. her cheeks turn red. She looks over her shoulder and tries to cover her own butt with her jacket.
B. stares at the pavement, not knowing what to say. She is stuck in this nasty situation. Of course she was referring to the large trunk of the car. But then again, A. has a well shaped butt and now it looks like she talked about A. her butt.
B. opens her mouth, but then decides not to say anything. I understand completely. It is best not to say anything, she can only make it worse. 😉


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