New series: Under pressure

New series: Under pressure

Written by: Jehan Daal

People who know me, know that I studied Communication. Communication is not a cold hard science like mathematics. Most of the time, there is not just one right answer. At the university they teach you the basics, the tools and they train you to their best abilities. But the truth is: becoming and staying a good communication professional takes more than a good education and work experience. You need to view and analyze the world around you. Communication is an interesting field of study, because it is always evolving. Simply because people and technology just do, and that is why I love it so much.

It is true, being a communication professional makes it much easier to communicate. Nevertheless, it cannot always work out the way I want. Especially in my private life where I am in addition to a communication lady, also a human being with feelings like all the others. I know, hard to believe right? 😉

Anyway, the start of a new year and the start of a new series on VanDaalEnzo. It is called: Under pressure. It is about communication errors and sticky communication situations from me and others. Feel free to react on the website. Curious to your stories also.  So, keep the responses coming! Do not get me wrong, I love the private responses that I receive. But I would really love it, if you speak up and write a comment on my blog. You can use a nickname if you want. Oh yeah, bossy me. I promise you that I will not bite, I am a vegetarian after all. 😛

Since I am in such a generous mood, I will post the first under pressure today.




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