Stating the facts

2014-01-03 Stating the facts©
Written by: Jehan Daal

The Spaniard and I are driving in the car, which means that he is driving in his car and I’m sitting next to him. (Question: why is it that men always pick their cars over ours and want to be the driver?) Mr. Spaniard speaks six different languages and he can switch within two seconds. That comes in handy when you are an international account manager who travels a lot. As a communication professional and a language lover, I find it pretty impressive. Okay, kinda sexy even. But there is no way that I will tell him that – I sincerely hope that he is not reading this column – because I’m afraid that his feet become too big for his boots.

Anyway, we are driving in his car and he receives a work related call. That is nothing special, since his job means being available 24/7. The business partner tells the Spaniard proudly that he delivered the right products to the customer today. The Spaniard is not impressed and tells him that he should have delivered the right products the first time. I stare out of the window while they continue their conversation.

At a certain point his business partner says: “you really do not get what I’m saying, do you?”
“Well, you know what? Let’s switch to another language then, maybe that helps. French, Spanish, German, English, Italian, pick one because I speak multiple languages.” That is the Spaniards response.
I rise my eyebrow and look at him. I cannot help it, I have no control over my eyebrow whatsoever. He rises automatically when I’m surprised or just very annoyed.

The conversation ends and I give the Spaniard a typical ‘Jehan is not amused’ look.
I am even more amazed that he asks me what is wrong.
“You just sounded like an arrogant prick.”
“What do you mean?”
Maybe I should hit him with a book cover, to turn him back to normal again. Where is a book when you need one?
“Let’s switch to another language then, I speak multiple languages.” I try to imitate him.
“That is not arrogant chica guapa, I was just stating the facts.”
Yeah right. I know at least one person who does not lack confidence, that is for sure! I keep my mouth shut. It is obvious that we are so not going to agree on this matter, but that is alright.

Dear reader, let me tell you one thing. When the Spaniard and I have our next typical male/female disagreement – yup not if, but when – I know exactly how our conversation goes.
Spaniard: “I totally do not get your point.”
Me: “Well, Mr. Spaniard. Maybe we should communicate in a different way. Which communication tool would you prefer? Twitter, FB, WhatsApp, Vlog, Instagram, Google Hangout, Mail, old fashion letters, sending messages by pigeon, etc. Just pick the one you like most, it is all fine by me. I mean, come on, I am a communication professional after all.”
On my face there is a big smile. He would probably give me a not so happy look, maybe even rise his eyebrow. But I am sure that he would not say a word. Because he knows. This girls is not being arrogant nor bragging. She is just stating the facts here.


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