Good girl behind bars part II

2013-12-09 Good girl behind bars part II

Written by: Jehan Daal

I do not have a clue. Every time before I go to the toilet, I make sure that my bottle of water is empty. Just in case. Maybe I’m just paranoia, but better safe than sorry. I return from the toilet. He is asleep and when I sit down, I feel his body touching mine. It feels kinda cozy, totally not like someone who is about to frame me. But then again, how would that feel? I image not any different from this.

I try to sleep, but the tranquilizer is not working. I pretend that I’m asleep while I’m really trying to think. Maybe, I should tell the staff? But what will I tell them exactly? That I suspect that something is wrong with him? Based on what? My gut feeling?

The wheels of the airplane hit the ground. I’m home. I haven’t slept at all. Stupid tranquilizer! A new day has just started, I’m tired, but I have to stay awake for at least another 14 hours. I hear his voice again.
“Would you please help me with immigration?”
It sounds as soft as before.
“Nope, I cannot do that.”

Before I leave the airplane I walk past the staff. I could inform them in my own language. There is no way that he will understand Dutch. My phone rings. It is my cousin.
“Welcome home!”
I cannot stand still with all the passengers behind me. Everyone wants to go home. I walk to customs. I need to show them my passport. “Whatever you do, do not look over your shoulder.” I hear my own voice in my head. Of course I can walk through to the next customs and get my suitcase after that.

“Miss, one moment.” A lady from customs is talking to me.
I walk back.
“Are you his girlfriend? He tells me you are.”
OMG, please tell me that this is not real and I’m just dreaming.
She speaks Dutch to me since we both are from the Netherlands. I tell her the truth, that I’m not.
“Do you know him? Is he going with you?”
I tell her that I just met him on the plane and that he is definitely not coming with me.
Her male colleague joins us.
“Why are you standing here, are you waiting for him?”
“I’m not waiting for him. Your colleague is talking to me that is why I’m standing here and for no other reason.”
Now he starts asking me if the Venezuelan is coming home with me.
I tell him that this is not the case.
“He is a suspect and we will check him.”
I do not care what they do with him, I just want to go home.

At the next check they check the passengers passports even more carefully. When I get my suitcase, I get the next question from customs.
“Are you with this man?”
I shake my head. “It’s just me madam.”
Why is everyone assuming that I’m with some guy?!
“Put your suitcase on the table and open it please.”
I do as told. She takes everything out of my suitcase and asks me what I bought during my trip. She sniffs my shampoo and conditioner and I tell her with a kind voice that she forgets my shower gel.
“You are really relaxed and helpful,” she tells me.
Of course I am. I have got nothing to hide. She does not know that I’m the kind of person who tells the cashier that she gave too much money in return. The one who never stole a single candy out of a store.

A couple of hours later, I find out that mr. Venezuelan has transported 10 kg of coke. I see me sharing a house with a lot of people, a place where I do not have to pay the rent, where I have bars instead of windows and sandwiches with cheese for life. Good girl got caught, for something she did not do. I feel a lot of things, but anger is not one of them.

What I feel? I’m thankful that I grew up in an environment where transporting coke is something that I would not consider. I have had such a great fundament. I’m so thankful for that! He is 25 years old and I’m 28, and our lives are so different. I have had the opportunity to study and my future looked bright. Was there a time when he thought that he might have a future like me? Did he think that this was his ticket out of hell? Who did he leave behind? All those questions are filling my head, but I will never get an answer.

But most of all, I feel strong. Knowing that even a tranquilizer, can not take over my common sense. Thank me for not being naive, thank me for listening to my gut feeling, thank me for watching hours and hours of Bones, CSI and those kind of programs. I celebrate me, for just being the way I am!


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