Good girl behind bars part I

2013-12-09 Good girl behind bars part I
Written by: Jehan Daal

It is the 28th of November. Time to go home after two weeks of sun, sea, food, NTC 😉 and dancing. Bye happy island, bye dear family! I’m on the airplane. I take some drops of a special tranquilizer, that should kill my “I can not sleep, if I’m not lying in a bed” vibe. I hope this works, because when I arrive in the Netherlands it’s a new day. It is going to be a busy week and therefore I need to get rid of the jetlag as soon as possible.

Almost time to close the door of the airplane and prepare for takeoff. Yes, the seat next to me is still available, which means a little bit more space. At that time, a guy my age walks in. Too bad he stops next to my chair. I ask him in English if the seat next to me is his.
“Que?” He has a soft voice. He doesn’t understand me. He is from Venezuela.  If I could please stop talking so fast, because he cannot understand English very well. I nod. He is taller than I am, which is no surprise. His perfume contains a hint of musk, I must admit that I like it. He is not handsome, but he looks not bad.

During the flight I have to translate the information of the captain and the stewardess to Español. My head is still filled with Papiamento and Dutch, but somehow I manage to speak some Español.
He asks me a question. I answer that I live in the Netherlands. I’m not about to give him more personal information about me, since I do not know the guy.
“So you are on holiday huh?”
“No. Voy a Barcelona. I will go to Netherlands and take train to Barcelona from there.”
That does not make sense to me at all. Something is off with this guy. Suddenly I feel that I do not want to know more about this guy.
“I do not have much money with me. At Curacao they told me that immigration would give me trouble for that. Could you do me a favor and tell them that you are my girlfriend?”

The alarm bell in my head makes noise. No freaking way that I’m pretending to be his girlfriend. You can call me suspicious, paranoia or tell me that I have watched too many episodes of Bones, CSI and those kind of programs. I don’t care, I’m not going to do this. I tell him no, but with a kind voice.
“When I went to Curacao, I didn’t have lot’s of money in my wallet as well. Everyone pays by card in the Netherlands. So not to worry.”
Okay Jehan, act normal. What if he is a lunatic and does something weird when he knows that you suspect something? You are stuck on an airplane. Nowhere to go. OMG, is this the tranquilizer talking?

(This text is too long, therefore part two will launch on Friday… the 13th muhahahaha)



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