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©Picture:  ArtCoreStudios
Written by: Jehan Daal

(VanDaalEnzo dictionary. Bol: In this article Bol refers to being full figured.)

Me and my delicious Antillean butt are chillin on the beach of the Antilles. Yup, I’m on holiday on the happy island Curacao. The island where eating, sitting and driving in the car are the top three activities. The portions are large like in America, you get twice as much food as in the Netherlands and they exercise twice as less as in the Netherlands. The healthy food is twice as expensive as back home and the fast food is cheap. It’s like a small devil is constantly whispering in your ear, temping you to make the wrong decisions. Result: you will be when you leave the island. Lacking stamina and planning to go shopping as soon as you are home, because your clothes no longer fit you.

I’m so not going down that road this year, so I made a plan. Every morning I start my day at 6.30 am with a NTC workout. Every day I pick a workout to target a specific area, I’m training my abs, my butt, my back and I do some cardio. It feels great and I feel healthy.

Before you all think that I’m sipping healthy green smoothies all day and I’m not touching the delicious food here, think twice. People I’m on holiday. I won’t return home with a six pack, being hot and healthy but without enjoying my holiday. I’m eating, swimming, enjoying and doing some damage control.

Lot’s of sunshine from the happy island.


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