Thanks, Kiitos, Obrigado!

2013-11-06 Thank-you-post-it

Written by: Jehan Daal

Hello my dear readers,

Almost two and a half years ago, I started this weblog out of laziness. Just because friends and some family members started to ask questions. “Okay you quit Hyves, where can I find your columns from now on?” *column sent* “Does quitting Hyves also mean that you quit writing?” *chinrub* The first months I emailed them my columns, but after a couple of months I realized that this wasn’t going to work. That is why I started VanDaalEnzo, so my family and friends would have a place where they can find them (erm and to shut them up of course 😉 ).

Now almost two and a half years later, not only my family and friends are here. You are here!  Readers and bloggers from all over the world. Not only reading, but also responding by email, Google hangout, face to face, on FB and sometimes even commenting on my page. (I found out that most people find writing on my page a bit scary.) You are telling me that my column made you think, laugh and sometimes it makes you emotional. Thank you guys, this means a lot to me!

This is me saying : “thank you”. A BIG THANK YOU even and hopefully also in your own language. I hope you will stick around and keep reading and responding. In the meantime this Dutch lady will try to write in English more often, so that the not Dutch readers understand what I’m talking about. Even though my English is not perfect, I figured that it’s much better than your Dutch am I right? 😉

Let’s keep in touch.

Jehan Daal

Copyright picture: Xoombi


2 thoughts on “Thanks, Kiitos, Obrigado!

  1. Me likey! Keep going girl 🙂 Ik lees altijd met heel veel plezier, al reageer ik bijna nooit. Maar je weet wel dat ik van je schrijfstijl houd! 😉

    • Vooral een BIG THANKS voor jou, voor al die jaren trouw mijn hersenspinsels lezen. Veel meer dan die paar columns die hier staan. Super blij met je en niet alleen daarom, dat weet je. 😉


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