Taking dad home

Written by: Jehan Daal

On the 21th of August:
I never thought that my father would be sitting next to me in my own car. And if I would have thought about it, I’m sure that I saw that going differently in my mind. He might have commented on my driving or wondered how someone like me could get all worked up. Even though my father was never a man who spoke much, I’m sure that he wouldn’t have been so quiet. (Weird huh, that he has a daughter who is so well-spoken.) At the very least he would have said to me: “joh, joh, joh, you talk way too much!” And we would have sung together. My o my, he loved music and he loved to dance.

It is 24 degrees celsius and the sun is shining bright. It would have been a perfect day to celibrate his 59th b-day. I wear my sunglasses and one of his favorite colors… blue. Today I will be taking him home, instead of the other way around. His very last ride will be with my car. How strange is that? I turn up the volume and sing, but this time it is only my own voice I’m hearing. I glance at my dad, who is strapped up into the seat belt. I see the stainless steel urn in a shape of a lotus flower. My dad. For the first time not singing.

Nieuwkoop. Gossip City. Home. We are there. My two brothers and I put dad in his new home, while our big sis is watching us. I clean the lotus flower for the last time. Bye dad. We love you. It’s time for us to go.

I would like to share his music with you. Two numbers that he loved: Don’t make me wait for love and Carolina. He would dance like young men do and tell you “see I’m still young ang!” Enjoy the rhythm of Carolina and dance till you can’t dance no more.  Life might be way too short, so live it to the fullest.





Btw: If you are looking for me, I’m dancing. I can go on for hours. “You see I’m young, ang!”


10 thoughts on “Taking dad home

  1. Hoi Jehan. Wat een mooi verhaal en die liedjes erbij helemaal compleet, vooral Carolina! Woorden schieten tekort.

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