‘Do not judge’ Monday

I do not own this picture. The original link: http://www.vriendenoostvlietpolder.nl/24072009.html

Written by: Jehan Daal

Judges, the Netherlands has plenty of them. I reckon we are not the only country who as as much judges as inhabitants. The only thing is that most people won’t get paid for it. Last February, the day after my father passed away, my former colleague JCP came to my house to cook dinner for me and my family. While consuming his delicious paella, we were talking about being judgmental. How many times do we judge people, based on wrong assumptions? Too often! That was when he introduced us to his ‘Do not judge’ Monday. Each week on this day he is not judging, but being as objectively as possible. My mom, my sis and I looked at each other. This sounded like a new mission.

“What is the use of this? Waiting till it’s Tuesday and you can judge again?” That is the comment of my (Nike+) friend K. I try not to laugh.
“Nope. ‘Do not judge’ Monday could help me to reduce my judgmental thoughts during the six other days.” Because sometimes I judge people by the things they do and unintended become very unkind. For example: I will not have the home made dessert in a restaurant where they cannot spell the name correct. My thoughts: if you cannot spell it correctly, I doubt you can make it.

On a Monday
It is the end of May and after two weeks of rain, I can see the sun. It’s above twenty degrees and there is a clear blue sky. (I would like to call it a lovely day, but hey…it’s Monday. 😉 ) I look in the mirror and smile, I’m improving! The first Monday was hard. When I’m having a bad day, it still is. And yes I sometimes slip, and when I do I hear a buzzer going off in my head. My phone rings, it’s JCP. He just came back from his business trip and invites me for a lunch.

He parks the car. We see three men in suits, standing in front of a parking machine. Looking at it.
“Unbelievable that three men just don’t get it. How complicated can it be,” says JCP.  The buzzer in my head goes off. We get out of the car and walk up to the machine. They have their ticket.
“Do you think that the two of us can figure this out or is it like rocket science?” He asks them with a smile on his face. I hear the buzzer again.
Within one minute our ticket is printed.
“Are they incredibly stupid or are we so smart?” The buzzer again. Three times, he is out.
“JCP, it’s MONDAY!” I tell him.
He sighs and shrugs.

Not sure if he can blame it on the jetlag. Anyhow: if you fail on ‘Do not judge’ Monday, don’t feel bad about yourself. Even the founding father slips every now and then.

Now tell me, how is your inner judge doing?

(Copyright of the picture: http://www.vriendenoostvlietpolder.nl/24072009.html)


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