The big fight

Written by: Jehan Daal

Music, I always take it with me on my run. Songs encourage me to set a new PR, do a slow run or go for a longer distance. Ever since I wrote about Project Back 2 Beast Mode, I’m really motivated. While some others make up excuses to skip their workout, I’m making up excuses to go for a run. Storm, a busy day at the office, my new running gear, a lovely day. My brain is addicted, I simply can’t get enough.

D-Night, going for a run:
A get together with the family doesn’t prevent me from sneaking out and going for a short and fast 2.5K. The song Hall of Fame from The Script and Will.I.Am comes out of my iPod. I’m running, but it feels like I’m flying.

“And the world’s gonna know your name. And you’ll be on the walls of the hall of fame. You could go the distance. You could run the mile.”

Ouch, my Achilles tendon. I have to stop, but I cannot. I have to get back.

“You could walk straight through hell with a smile.”

Okay, I can do this. Only 1K to get home! Ouch, this really hurts. Maybe I should walk back?

“Do it for your name.”

That is right. The family is sitting on the couch, waiting for me to get back. Cannot let them down.

Back at home:
Right there and then Achilles tendon (AT) and I start a big fight. He refuses to help me walk any further and even curses at me. I get mad.

JD: “Show some respect, will you!” I yell at him.
AT: “Respect? Have you showed me some respect over the last weeks?” He has an angry voice.
JD: “I never touched one cigarette, hardly drink alcohol, eat pretty healthy and I work out. What on earth should I do to please you?” I respond with a sarcastic voice.
AT: “Did you listen to the signals I gave you?”
JD: To which signals was he referring? My brain works overtime, but cannot come up with the answer.
AT: “That is exactly what I mean. You think that you only need your motivation and mr. Brain huh?” He grunts.
JD: “Is he jealous because of the strong bond between me and mr. Brain?” I rub my chin.
AT: “You go from hardly working out to running like a beast. Have you gone completely mad?”
JD: I open my mouth to defend myself, but AT doesn’t give me any change at all.
AT: “Leave me alone. I’m serious.”
JD: “AT, I’m sorry!”
But he already turned his back on me.

After the big fight:
In the next week I try to fix our break up. I give him a couple of massages, a special medicine, change my nice shoes for comfortables ones and give him the rest he requested. AT is still really pissed.

After two weeks I try again. After the first step. Ouch! I stop. My running shoes fly with me to Curacao, but we are not going for a run. I still feel that AT is not ready yet. I do some alternative workouts in the sea, to strengthen my body. After my holiday I give AT two more weeks of rest.

On sunday the 9th of December we make up. Finally! AT and I go for a short run. It feels great. But still it feels like I owe him an apology, so here it goes.
“My dear AT, I’m sorry that I didn’t pay enough attention to you before! From now on, we are in project Back 2 Beast Mode together. You, me, mr. Brain and the other muscles. I promise you one thing: no more rushing, only sticking.”


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