Bon bini



Written by: Jehan Daal

Overweight… No I’m not referring to the Antillean butt in front of me where I simply must stare at, because I can hardly look around it. I’m talking about the suitcase they are trying to take with them. That is correct. I’m at one of the places, where I simply love to be. The place where you find structured chaos, a lot of suitcases, happy people, people kissing and hugging. The place where you hear pumps clicking on the floor and people crying. You probably guessed where I am, I’m at Schiphol Airport.

It’s time to check another box on my wish list: visiting my family on the happy island Curacao. After eight years of absence! Checking where my sister and her family live and show my family that I’m no longer a 19 years old girl. Nope I’m a smart, funny and grown up (joking) young woman who is a little bit addicted to her work. It’s going to be an unannounced visit and without a partner in crime. Yup, this girl is going by herself, ain’t that Woman Power? 😉

After a stressful week, it is time to let go. And let’s say that letting go is not one of my strengths. Anyway, here I sit on one of the chairs at the gate. Not a lot of people are here. Did they all went shopping? Or maybe that’s also because we are going to an Easy Going Island and they see the phenomenon time a little bit different than how we (me certainly) see it.

A woman who is traveling to Surinam asks me if I’m also going to Surinam. She is very friendly and we start talking. “I need to go to the bathroom,” she informs me. “Could you please watch my bag?” I nod and she walks away. OMG, did I really say yes? Jehan hello, are you sleeping? You stupid kid! Is her bag ticking? I listing carefully. Nope, it’s not. Thank God. After a couple of minutes she gets back. O boy that was the first sign that I could use a vacation!

Is it Blair Underwood? Who? The hot looking actor, you could dream of having a pleasant time with. But never more than that, because he has the eyes of a hot men, who simply cannot be faithful. I stare at him. The man looks over his shoulder and our eyes meet. Stupid Jehan, now he knows that you are looking at him! Something like that simply never happens to me, because I know how the spy on them. Oh boy, I’m in a desperate need of vacation.

“Miss could you fill in the Immigration form please?” The board crew ask me.
“But my parents are from Curacao!” I’m astonished.
“Still you have to fill in the form.” I disagree, but I do as I’m told.

I get of the airplane and I have to stand in the “foreigners” line with my Immigration form. The lady at the desk takes a look at me. “Who is your family?” I answer her. She gives a {tjoerie} (a typical sound that mostly Antillean people make, when they disapprove).
“Exactly my point!” I say happy and loud.
Women with fire in the belly, so Antillean! I totally forgot. This means that maybe I’m not as Dutch as I think.
“I will give you a stamp, because they want it so badly.” Another {tjoerie}.
I grin. I put on my sunglasses and walk through the door with a slight attitude. Totally feeling my inner power now.

“Bon bini,” says a man. I nod. “Danki señor.”
I feel the hot air in my face. No more stress, only doing things that I like to do. I welcome the Antillean woman with fire in her belly, inside of me. I rule, at least for the next two weeks!


5 thoughts on “Bon bini

  1. Whoehoeeeee!! Geniet er onwijs van dame. Zoals gezegd: je hebt het verdiend!!
    Lekker in de chillll Curaçao mode en genieten van la familia! Tot snel!

    • Danki! Taatje Gaat wel lukken. Dacht dat ik maandag vertrok, maar gelukkig checkte ik mijn ticket een week eerder. Bleek ik op zondag te vertrekken. Anders was ik mooi te laat geweest en was het bye bye zwaai zwaai vakantie!
      Nog thanks voor je sms trouwens 🙂

      • Dat méén je niet!!!! Wat een geluk dat je dat nog hebt nagekeken! Wat erg zeg. Maar nu dus wel fijn een dag extra!! :-))) enjoy!!

  2. Lekker genieten zeg!! Ik zit hier nu met verkleumde handjes 😦 Kacheltje dus maar aan.
    Veel plezier en maak er een leuke tijd van.

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